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College Knowledge Institute (CKI) courses are online. Subjects consist of selective applied sciences courses. Students learn at their own pace and can access the course material from anywhere in the world. The program content has been structured to provide students with a fundamental understanding of each subject. Students can further their knowledge utilizing the numerous supplemental resources and references included within each course; and dedicated facilitators provide excellent support.


The program is presented in an interactive and engaging online learning management system used by thousands of colleges and universities around the world. Visit the CKI Online Learning System for the latest program information and updates.


College Knowledge Institute is developed and managed by a team of seven college professors from the Boston, Massachusetts, USA area. They have been working together since 2007 when they started Online Career Advancement (OCA). OCA provides all services for College Knowledge Institute.

How does College Knowledge Institute work?

All College Knowledge Institute courses follow a similar format: about ten multi-part topics consisting of lessons with questions, a final assessment quiz, and links to further resources and references. All course content is continuously updated. An internal messaging system allows participants to maintain contact with the administrator and course facilitators. Important news and updates are available via the calendar and forum.


Upon registration, students are sent enrollment keys for the first series of courses in the program. The key file contains instructions for user account setup and access to the online learning system; generally each course allows one year of access which begins upon entering the enrollment key for that particular course. Students have unlimited access to the program courses. College Knowledge Institute support staff contact students upon registration to ensure that there are no issues with the enrollment process.


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The primary College Knowledge Institute program consist of thirty-six courses; courses are presented in a pre-determined sequence. The program is self-paced and allows students to enroll in the next course after approximately three weeks; the preceding course does not have to be completed to move into the next available course; certificates of achievement are only issued after the program requirements are completed. Students receive a certificate of achievement and three CKI CEU’s for each course that is completed. A program certificate, and transcript, is issued upon completion of all courses, depending upon certificate level.

What are the advantages of participating in the College Knowledge Institute program?


- Attain applied science subject knowledge
- Courses developed and managed by college educators
- Much less expensive than similar programs
- Lessons and quizzes with score and activity tracking
- Supplemental resources and references advance knowledge
- No textbooks required; No DVD's, CD's, or software to install
- Works on any modern computer operating system or browser
- Certificate of achievement and CKI CEU's


Who will benefit most by joining the College Knowledge Institute program? Anyone who:


- Wants to demonstrate applied science subject knowledge for personal accomplishment

- Is considering college and wants to be sure to get the highest grades possible

- Wants to gain a two year college knowledge foundation to enhance career success

- Cannot afford the expense of time, commitment, and money for college right now

- Is planning to migrate to the USA and seek work, education, or business opportunities

- Wants to enhance the advantages of home schooling and college preparation

- Has any reason for wanting to get a strong college knowledge foundation


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If you don't find the answer to your question, or for more program and course specific information, please Contact Us for assistance.