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College Knowledge Institute Applied Sciences Certificate Programs

Program Overview
The College Knowledge Institute program offers participants affordable and comprehensive self-paced courses, developed and facilitated by college professors, which empower personal, career, academic, or business success. All courses include access to numerous supplemental resources and references, interactive lessons, practice quizzes, and support from within a private and secure online learning system. ADEC (Associate Degree Equivalency Certificate) participants receive a certificate of completion, a program verification letter, and CEUs. The program is accessible from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection.


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College Knowledge Institute offers four applied science certificate levels and thirty-six courses. More program information


Participation in College Knowledge Institute is limited. Click here to create a free membership now to secure your registration, or a seat for a friend or family member. Once your membership account is created, you will receive a follow-up email with instructions on how to access the courses.

College Knowledge Institute offers an excellent learning opportunity for anyone who:
- Wants to demonstrate associate degree level knowledge for personal accomplishment
- Is considering college and wants to be sure to get the highest grades possible
- Wants to gain a two year college knowledge foundation to enhance career success
- Cannot afford the expense of time, commitment, and money for college right now
- Is planning to migrate to the USA and seek work, education, or business opportunities
- Wants to enhance the advantages of home schooling and college preparation
- Has any reason for wanting to get a strong college knowledge foundation

Course Subjects by Section

Section One:
Sociology – Philosophy –  Psychology – Geography
Biology - Chemistry – Anatomy & Physiology – Astronomy

Section Two:
Physics – Music – Political Science – Geology
Anthropology – Economics -– Botany - Art

Section Three:
Statistics - Information Technology – Oceanography – Genetics
Databases – Spreadsheets - Social Studies - World History

Section Four:
Archaeology – Theology– Rhetoric – Marketing & Advertising
Engineering– Accounting – Electronics– Paleontology

Bonus Subjects: 
Mechanics – Aeronautics - Business Law - Logic

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